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stripmindmedia is the home of aaron michels. here you will find recent work, musings, links, and archives of his previous activities. please feel free to contact him.

Recent Activities: what has aaron michels been up to?

Demo Reel

This demo reel is available for potential clients or for your enjoyment.
mp4 | youtube

Video-al Experiment

Production on a challenging video/DVD-navigational-experience for Wholphin is nearing completion. This project uses refined experimentatal protocols integrated into looping DVD navigation systems to explore what has been described as, "a massively multi-operator, asynchronous, retrocausal, end-user creation of video content."

Light/Shadow Sculpture/Portraits

As of Spring 2008, I have been refining the topcoat for the light/shadow sculpture pieces, and been investigating scalability for large-scale urban installation. Have a look.

Consciousness and the Physical World

Based on my work with International Consciousness Research Labs in the develpment and production of The PEAR Proposition, I am currently working to develop online course material delving into the work of the PEAR (Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research) laboratory.
The PEAR Proposition Page

Mariposa Grove

In May 2007 I moved into Mariposa Grove, an intentional community in North Oakland. Many related projects have resulted, such as a veggie-diesel conversion, beekeeping, urbanite and raised bed construction, and more.

Strip Mind Blog

StripMindBlog also has recent doings and thinkings.